World Series Bound for OVLL!

In dramatic fashion Saturday night, Ocean View Little League took the West Region to advance to the 2011 Little League World Series.

Trailing 0-1 most of the game to Northern California’s Red Bluff, Nick Pratto began the final inning with a powerfull triple down the first base line. Next batter in line, Steven Kotkosky drove a solid fly over the center field wall to put OVLL in the lead and give pitcher Hagen Danner a chance to finish out the bottom of the 6th.

Ocean View Little League will face Rhode Island to start their run in Williamsport , PA and their quest for the LLWS title!


If you would like to help the parents of this team travel to and suport their players, please click here for more information.

OVLL sweeps pool play!

Ocean View Little League All-Stars 2011Ocean View Little League (Huntington Beach, CA) took a victory last night, 11-3, over Silverado (Nevada) to sweep the pool play competition 4-0.

The win puts Ocean View in the Semi-Finals as the top seed. They will play August 12th at 8pm against 4th seed Washington (Utah). Winner will advance to the West Region Championship game at Al Houghton Field in San Bernardino.

As this is our Home league (my son plays here) we are VERY proud of the team and coaches and wish them the best.

We will keep you updated as the tournament progresses.
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Playoff seeds – from Yahoo!Sports

Source: Yahoo! Sports

With baseball’s postseason ready to kick off this afternoon, I asked my fellow Y! Sports fellas  to help seed the field from top to bottom, regardless of league. The following are those results from the rankings of Jeff Passan, David Brown, Alex Remington, Mark Townsend, Ian Casselberry and yours truly.

Agree or disagree? Make the case for your team — or against your rival — in the comments below. One note: The number following each team is the overall score from the seven ballots. A top ranking equaled eight points, while the lowest ranking was awarded only one.

1. Philadelphia Phillies (45)

“The only thing stopping Roy Halladay(notes) and the champs-in-waiting is the randomness and bad luck inherent in a playoff series.”  D.B.

“Too much H2O means everyone else drowns.” J.P.

“The injuries may work to their advantage as several core players missed significant portions of the 162 game grind. Feels like their best baseball is still ahead of them.” M.T.

* * *

2. Tampa Bay Rays (42)

“Simply the most talented collection of players in the majors and high minors that we’ve seen in years.” A.R.

“Best record in the AL gets you the toughest matchup in the LDS round. Home field advantage has never meant so little.” M.T

“I’d say this is the last chance for the Rays to bring home a World Series title, but that’s what some people said back in 2008. The team construction in St. Pete is incredible.” K.K.

* * *

3. New York Yankees (37)

“To be the team, you have to beat the team. Simple as that.” M.T. 

“Phew! Francisco Cervelli(notes) gets to keep No. 29 for another year.” J.P.

“If any offense has the potential to act as a second and third starter, it’s the Yankees'” K.K.

* * *

4. (t) Minnesota Twins (26)

“Catching the Yankees again is a bad break. Then again, there are no good breaks to be caught in the American League.” M.T. 

“Arm wrestling with the Yankees for worst playoff starting rotation.” I.C. 

“If gambling were legal, they’d have bankrupted me back in June— I’m not betting against them any more.” A.R.

* * *

4. (t) Texas Rangers (26)

“Good news, the Rangers don’t have to play the Yankees in the ALDS. Bad news, they still face the AL’s best team.” I.C.

“Cliff Lee, Cliff Lee(notes), and — with all due respect to Colby Lewis(notes) and C.J. Wilson(notes) — a little more Cliff Lee.” A.R.

“Either they eliminate the Rays, or they’re the reason the Rays don’t get past New York. This series has bloodbath written all over it.” M.T.

* * *

6. San Francisco Giants (18)

“If they were smart, or if life were like the movies, everybody on the the club would be wearing Rally Thongs like Aubrey Huff(notes). They’re also the most likely team to give the Phillies a hard time.” D.B.

“As a Tigers fan,  I refuse to believe a team with Aubrey Huff in its lineup can win a playoff series.” I.C.

“Offseason mission for Brian Sabean: Human cloning. Subject: Buster Posey(notes).” J.P.

“All I want for Christmas is Lincecum vs. Halladay in the NLCS.” K.K.

* * *

7. Cincinnati Reds (13)

“They have the postseason’s best position player in Joey Votto(notes), but they’re also the most likely team to look like it doesn’t belong in the postseason.” D.B.

“Chapman potential X-factor against Utley, Howard, Ibanez?” J.P.

“They have a guy who throws 104 miles an hour, but he only pitches one inning a day.” A.R.

“The Reds look like playoff fresh meat, but they played the Phillies tough during the regular season.” I.C.

* * *

8. Atlanta Braves (11) 

“Bobby Cox has never had the greatest luck in the playoffs, and he’s due to win a series or two, but the Braves have too many holes.” D.B

“With the Braves’ struggling offense, the Giants’ pitching is the worst matchup for them.” I.C.

“The Braves will win one for Bobby! One game, that is.” M.T.